Infrared sensors

All objects with a temperature above absolute zero emit heat energy which is usually invisible to the human eye, but can be detected by electronic devices designed for such a purpose. Infrared sensors measure infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view.

Detection range:
– People up to 45 m
– Vehicles up to 60

IF 540 Long range
Detection range:
– People up to 100 m
– Vehicles up to 150 m

Magnetic sensors

The magnetic sensor detects disturbances in the earth’s magnetic field caused by movement of magnetically sensitive material. Stationary objects do not affect the detectors. Users may deploy magnetic detectors as single units to detect personnel movement and vehicles, or in pairs to determine direction of travel

Detection range:
– Vehicles up to 15 m





Seismic sensors

With a single seismic detector, users can monitor a small area or trail. With multiple detectors connected in a string, users can monitor large open areas or perimeters. Intrusion detection range depends on several variables, such as: type of terrain, processor sensitivity setting, number/type of intruders, etc.

Single sensor
Detection range:
– People 7.5m to 15m
– Vehicles 30m and more

Multiple sensors
Up to 100m per chain





PT210 EV
This Transmitter yields up to 200 days of continuous function. It is equipped with a distinction between pedestrians, vehicles and animals and a determination of direction of movement. Additionally, it has an external trigger to activate a camera system or other devices and tamper protection against unsealing of the case, disconnecting of the sensors and battery.
There is the possibility to integrate any type of sensor with serial interfaces.


RM 2000
The RM-2000 Portable Receiver/Monitor receives, displays and stores digital messages from the digital PT-210 transmitters and RP-3000 series repeaters. The receiver is compact, lightweight and the electronics are sealed in a waterproof plastic housing.

The receiving frequency of this device is freely programmable. The receiver comes with an external trigger to activate a camera system or other devices and a USB cable for printing the received transmission or programming user-adjustable parameters. It is capable of emitting vibrations and/or acoustic signals and storing the last 250 received messages.


The RP-3000 is a small, portable repeater. It enables an expansion of the operational range of an intrusion detection system by relaying the signal from the transmitters to either a portable or fixed base site. The repeater makes operations also in tough, rugged environments (mountainous areas) possible. Due to the selectable power supply a long durability of the device is ensured. The repeater can either operate continuous or be programmed to function at specific times. Besides it has an independent receiving and transmitting frequency.

Power supply

The power supply has 12 V operating voltage and the standard range is available with different capacities. Power supply can also be provided by an approve adapter.

Programming device

Although the configuration software can be installed on any Windows compatible computer or laptop, those devices are often insufficient for the harsh conditions in the operating areas.
We recommend to use our handheld computer PDA-4000


The PDA-4000 is a portable programming device that’s not only lightweight and easy to carry but waterproof and meeting the military specifications for drops, vibration and both high and low temperature operation. It runs Windows Mobile 6 has a color daylight-visible display with front light and touchscreen. The PDA-4000 is battery-driven and on full charge, it has an operation time of up to 15h.


Satellite uplinks

Our System supports communication via Thuraya network and an Gateway to the Iridium satellite system. Moreover, it is possible to use am GSM modem for mobile communication transmission.