Application Fields

A typical security system comprises of various sensors, receivers, repeaters and accessories according to user needs. Special sensor techniques to secure
police / governmental missions must be considered. Following scenarios are typical applications for mobile security systems:

Border Crossings
In Border crossing areas, where personnel surveillance would be almost impossible or extremely difficult, the application of sensor techniques allows 24/7 surveillance.

Area Surveillance
Our system is suitable if lines up to 100m have to be observed. It is feasible to detect the direction of motion and moreover the approaching of people and vehicles

Surveillance of Railroad Properties
Since the observed area is huge, only key aspects of activity and the approaching paths can be secured.

Building Security
Buildings can mainly be secured by stationary systems to observe entering of the object. For smaller objects in changing police procedures mobile systems are useful. The mobile sensor systems are often used for security of holiday homes of endangered people, temporary security coverage of Embassies, security of construction sites or similar scenarios.

Observation Assistance
At certain locations, visual surveillance of entry and exit can’t be done with personnel or video surveillance equipment. Sensors can detect the approaching and leaving people and vehicles as well as the directions of motion. The observation unit doesn’t have to be close to the observed object. It can be deployed tactically to minimize the risk of discovery.

Security / Surveillance of depots
Depots can be secured and observed for approaching people or vehicles over a longer period with little to no staff. Besides entering of the complex or removal of devices can be detected. The same accounts for the safeguarding of VIP meeting places or points for money transactions.